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Comments for Big Red Tequila

Big Red TequilaBig Red Tequila: 07/28/06

On Wednesday I slogged through the rest of Big Red Tequila to the point of figuring out what was going on and how the thing ended. There are times when an obvious book is fun and times when it's just painful. I found Big Red Tequila painful.

The book has a fairly standard plot: main character with a checkered past returns home after a parent dies in a mysterious way. Of course he finds himself in the middle of a number of mysteries and himself in danger. Only the life lessons he's learned while living away (in this case San Francisco) and his quirky habits (tai chi and owning a cat, for example) will help our hero out smart the bad guys, rescue those who need it and solve the mystery! Yawn.

Here's my BookCrossing review:

There's nothing to make Big Red Tequila stand out from other mysteries. The plot and characterization have been stitched together from cliches and perhaps ideas pulled from a hat to randomize elements a little. I never connected with "Tres" Navarre or any of the other characters. The ending held no surprises and felt forced.

Having read through the reviews on Amazon.com, readers seem equally split among those who love and those who hate this book. Chances are there are future readers for this copy that will enjoy it. I just happened to be one that didn't

I'm sure there will be future enjoyers of the book I'm about to release: the reviews on Amazon bear that out. Meanwhile, I will be moving onto other books.

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