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Comments for Coyote Blue

Coyote BlueCoyote Blue: 07/30/06

I only have two Christopher Moore books left to read: The Stupidest Angel and Biff. Coyote Blue is one of Moore's earliest books but it has all of the elements of his style that I enjoy: a recognizable small California coastal town, odd ball characters who are some how "normal" where they live, magic, gods, a mystery, and romance. As Moore himself describes it in the inscription on the front cover: "A trick of the tale of the trickster's tail. Enjoy!"

Here's my BookCrossing Review:

I LOVED this book. It has many of the gems of what makes his Pine Cove books so much fun to read. I especially loved his choice of location, Santa Barbara. It's a quirky enough city for Coyote to play his tricks.

The scenes in Las Vegas seemed out of character for Coyote. He seemed too easily baffled by gambling. I found it hard to believe that a god who has spent hundreds of years fooling people and other gods would not be able to do better in Vegas.

My favorite of Moore's books are still his Pine Cove ones: Practical Demonkeeping and The Lust Lizard of Meloncholy Cove. They are a great combination of Pine Cove (a place just above Banning) and Cambria (Moore's home).

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