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Comments for the Harriet and Caligula

Caligula naps on my bellyHarriet and Caligula: 07/01/06

When I read at night, Caligula likes to nap on my lap. She has done this since she was a kitten. She continued to do it through my pregnancy with Sean and is now doing it while I'm pregnant with Harriet. Sean mostly ignored her when she sat on us but Harriet is a different story. She is fascinated with Caligula's purring. Whenever Caligula sits on me and starts to purr, Harriet rolls, stretches and reaches in the direction of the cat. If she can't reach, she kicks me until I reposition myself so she can better reach. Then she settles down, happily under the cat. Sometimes I can feel her moving her hands against my belly, apparently trying to pet the cat.


Eastbound 92Four Days without Driving!

Tuesday is Independence Day and work has given us Monday off. Actually though, I do have to a few things from home because the client I work for isn't closed on Monday but I get to do the work from home. I'm so thrilled to not have to drive to or from work on Monday. With having Tuesday off too I'll get two weeks' gas for the price of one.

Most of my commute is really easy but there are three slow bits. Heading to work, the clover leaf from the 92 to the 101 south often gets jammed by delivery trucks that have to take the curve slowly. Usually I'm early enough to avoid the trucks but not always. On the way home the traffic merging from the 101 to the 92 eastbound usually has traffic because lanes come and go. Then just at the end of the 92 where it becomes Jackson street, one lane ends and another goes only to 880 south, causing a lot of traffic. Last year the traffic at the end of the 92 wasn't that bad but since Caltrans has been working on the lane that goes to the 880 south and now things are always jammed there. I've given up on going all the way to the end and getting off at Hesperian to take surface streets either home or to Sean's preschool.

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