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Plumbing Problems Fixed: 07/07/06

Back on April 25th, the floater in the downstairs bathroom snapped off. Since then we've been living with having to turn the water on and off at the wall until this weekend when in the process of putting in new internal workings the pipe from the wall to the toilet ruptured and we've been down one toilet. Yesterday I worked from home to help Ian with the toilet (mostly listening and watching for water leaks and turning on and off water taps upstairs and downstairs when we had to fiddle with the water supply to the house). Ian did the bulk of the work and it took him three hours and one more trip to the hardware store for plumbers' grease. He had to cut off the old pipe connection and refit a new one and that worked well but we still had a leak from the toilet. Then just before giving up and calling a plumber, he realized what was wrong: he had put in an extra washer so that the rubber seal wasn't touching the ceramic like it should have.

Last night it was wonderful to finally be able to use the toilet without having to lean way over to turn on and off the water. It was nice to hear it shut itself off. The floor is remaining bone dry. Ian did an excellent job.

Swapping Days:

Since today will probably be busy and I might have to stay late to get things ready for Monday, we decided to do our anniversary celebration last night. I was already home, having worked from home to help with the toilet, so there wasn't any time lost to the commute.

As expected, Sean was not happy to see me at school on a day that wasn't either a Wednesday (when I pick him up solo) or a Friday (when we pick him up together). He scolded us for getting our days mixed up, counting them out on his fingers. "Today is not Friday; today is Thursday!" he told us in a stern voice.

We replied that we were pretending Thursday was Friday as I'll be very busy at work on the real Friday. He was okay with the idea as long as we went to Chevy's as planned (to celebrate our wedding anniversary: we will have been married 11 years as of Saturday).

While we had a lovely dinner, the swapping of days ended up being too much for him. On the way home we stopped to rent a pair of videos and he just lost it. He became grumpy and started acting really tired. Ian got our videos while I took Sean outside where he could vent without disrupting the customers.

By the time we got home Sean was in tears. Ian decided Sean should go to bed without a bath. Sean refused to go to "bedtime" but decided to compromise if he could call it "naptime" and not change into his jammies. Ian agreed and tucked Sean in. He stayed in bed until this morning.

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