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Comments for Sewing Again

Sewing Again: 07/28/06

Toad's ButtonSean had two pairs of pants that needed fixing. One pair had a hole in the knee. The other is a pair of jeans that is too tall for him. He's right between sizes where a lot of the pants for 4Ts are too short but the size 5 pants are too long in the leg.

Ian said he'd take care of both jobs but I didn't mind doing them. Sean left them on my upstairs comfy chair and Ian got the sewing box down for me. While I was between assignments this morning I fixed both pairs. I'm glad my grandmother had taught me how to hem trouser legs. I know I didn't do as even a job she would have done but they still look spiffy and I'm sure Sean will be relieved that he doesn't have to roll his cuffs up.

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