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Comments for Sleep Problems

Farmer's NightSleep Problems: 07/11/06

The recent heat wave followed now by the return of night and morning fog has made sleeping difficult. Unrelated, my sciatica seems to be back after a couple day hiatus. The change in weather though has been the main problem, keeping Ian and me awake and making us both very grumpy. If I weren't pregnant and unable to sleep on the couch comfortably, I would give Ian a break and take a night on the couch. The last two nights have been really rough on him and it doesn't seem fair that both of us should go without sleep.

The night before last when the temperature first changed Ian was restless and kept me up for an hour. I think I could have fallen asleep in that first hour if he hadn't been tossing and turning so much. After that I was just awake and stayed awake until 4 AM. Meanwhile in my thrashing around (nearly falling out bed once) I accidentally hit Ian in the back and he stomped off to the closet to try to sleep on the floor. Why he didn't chose the couch, I have no idea! Of course the closet didn't work and he came to bed again at 3. As I mentioned, I finally fell asleep briefly at 4 only to be awoken by Ian's snorning (normally if I am asleep his snorning doesn't wake me). At last I fell again at 5 AM, only to have to get up at 6:45 to get to work by 7:30 AM.

Last night we were both basket cases after Sean went to bed (at 9:30, late for him). We went to bed an hour early but again were getting on each other's nerves. Ian left the bed twice to sleep upstairs. At 3 AM a pair of noisy neighbors woke me up (through my ear plugs) because I could hear every word of their conversation through my ear plugs. I took the opportunity to get Ian back into bed. We closed the bedroom window to drown out as much of their noise as we could and managed to sleep until the alarm went off this morning.

While I think I slept better last night, I'm not so sure about Ian. I hope tonight will be better for both of us.

Learning About Live Journal:

I have many BookCrossing friends who are active posters on LiveJournal and one of them asked me if it would be possible to get my blog onto LiveJournal. For LiveJournal it ended up being a three step process. First of all I had to start an RSS feed. Then my friend had to upgrade to a sponsored account which a friend helped him with. Finally I had to create my own Live Journal account so I could monitor how well the feed was working.

Since I seem to have now become an active LiveJournal user, I decided to bite the bullet and learn how LiveJournal uses CSS to manage look and feel. So if you're reading this post via LiveJournal, stop on by my little spot (user name PussReboots) and see what I've done. Basically I've made my journal look at lot more like my actual home page here at pair networks.

Steps: 5500

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