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SpookSpook: 07/23/06

Yesterday it was 105° F. outside and probably just as hot inside. As there was no escaping the heat we hunkered inside and read some books. One book that captured my attention and took my mind away from the oven-like temperatures was Spook by Mary Roach. While I had enjoyed her first book, Stiff, a couple years ago, it did not keep me interested or entertained as well as Spook did yesterday. She has matured as a writer and found her way of mixing information and humor.

Here's my BookCrossing review:

I enjoyed Spook more than I enjoyed Stiff. Between books Roach has found her voice and now writes with a delighful sense of humor while still presenting the facts in interesting chapter long essays. I ended up reading the entire book in one session and was disappointed when it was finished.

It might be that the many uses for cadavers may have been too sensitive a subject for Roach whereas the spiritual world struck her fancy. Her writing style seems freer this time and she puts more of her self into each chapter. If something seems odd or funny to her, she includes us in those thoughts. I liked that chummy approach to the book.

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