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Comments for the Teasing Secrets from the Dead

Teasing Secrets from the DeadTeasing Secrets from the Dead: 07/01/06

Last night I finished reading Teasing Secrets from the Dead by Emily Craig. She is a forensic antropologist who specializes in facial reconstruction. Her memoir covers how she entered the field and some of her more memorable cases (including helping with the aftermath of Waco, Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center).

Here is my BookCrossing review:

It was an interesting book over all and I preferred the chapters that didn't deal with her biggest cases (Waco, Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center) because they seemed more focus on the specific challenges of each case. Sometimes though she gets a little carried away in her enthusiasm and begins to sound cocky. I don't doubt her skills but it gets tiresome to be reminded every few pages just how good she is. Let the work done during the investigation speak for itself!

While I didn't always like the tone in which the book was written, the topics covered were fascinating and overall I felt the book was worth reading. I rated it an 8 out of 10 stars on BookCrossing.

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