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Comments for The Truman Show

The Truman ShowThe Truman Show: 07/24/06

On Saturday it was too hot to think or to do much of anything. I might as well have been sitting inside my oven with the heat on for baking biscuits because that's what the air felt like (outside and inside). While staring outside the front door at the still air and thinking about how it was already over 95° F and it was only the morning, I came across the shooting script for the Truman Show.

This hundred page or so book with stills from the film was one of the first book relay books I had ever received, all the way back in 2003. I remember I had planned to read it quickly and release it but I quickly got overwhelmed by both relays and rings while I struggled to find a new job after being laid off from Oracle. Then in 2004 we moved and I continued to work to get the rings and relays under control. Both finally are and the little book was sitting right there saying "read me." Given that my brain was melting into pudding it seemed like the perfect book. It had the advantages of being a shooting script (meaning short pages) and a script of a film I've seen enough times to be able to play it back in my head.

Here's my BookCrossing review:

I've had this lovely book too long! Today it is 100+ degrees inside my home with no AC and it's probably 110 outside. It just seemed like the perfect day to read the shooting script because it's short and a story I know well having seen the film a dozen times.

I thoroughly enjoyed the script and was interested to find a few details edited out from the film. I don't want to include them here to spoil these gems for future readers.

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