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Harriet's RattleUncooperative Harriet: 07/26/06

Today was my second non-stress test. After this I only have four more left unless they start making me go twice a week in August. Anyway, I go in the mornings as it's better for my work schedule. Harriet, though, is not a morning person; she's made that abundantly clear from early on in the pregnancy. I tried eating a doughnut and drinking orange juice to wake her up but by the time we were at the appointment she had decided it was time to go back to sleep.

So for the first half of the appointment all we got was a nice graph of her resting rate of around 120-135. I'd poke her a bit and she'd wake up a little to move. The nurse even had to use a buzzer on her to wake her up. After the buzzer she was mad and didn't want to cooperate at all. She arched her back and pushed herself all the way against my spine to avoid the monitors. I told the nurse that I could still feel her because she was kicking me in the lungs.

The nurse took what she had and disappeared to consult with the on staff doctor. She returned in about ten minutes (of Harriet still successfully hiding) and told me that the graph was good enough.

Then it was time for the ultrasound to check on the amniotic fluid. While she was looking for the fluid she got a great view of why we couldn't find Harriet with the heart monitor: Harriet had arched her back in the classic baby temper-tantrum with her head and chest pushed up against my spine. She had the angriest expression on her face! Unfortunately I wasn't sent home with any pictures but if you've every seen a screaming new born, you know what I'm describing.

Fortunately the amniotic fluid levels are right where they should be and even with the recent heat wave I'm still not showing any signs of pregnancy induced hypertension. Harriet and I are still in great shape and the nurse told me to keep doing what I'm doing because it's obviously working. She also told me that the heat wave has brought in a lot of women from P.I.H. and the ones already being tracked for P.I.H. are having to come in to labor and delivery for heat related problems. She was glad to see that so far I'm not one of them. Me too!

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