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Comments for An Early Birthday Party

Sean tells a joke at his partyAn Early Birthday Party: 08/12/06

Judy and Charlie arrived last night in time for dinner to help us celebrate Sean's birthday a week early. We went to Chevy's last night, meeting there after the end of Sean's school.

After dinner I baked Sean's cake, though I waited until this morning to frost it. For the cake I used my grandmother's standard chocolate chip recipe but Sean requested chocolate icing for the frosting. It must be the first time in about 65 years that anyone in the family has deviated from the traditional recipe where we normally use peanut butter in the frosting mix.

Today's birthday party was really nice. We had sandwiches for lunch. Sean opted for peanut butter and jelly (black currant jam). We had either turkey or roast beef.

After lunch it was birthday cake time! Sean let us sing the birthday song this year: it used to freak him out when he was younger. We were horribly off-key so perhaps we should go back to banning the song. Then Sean blew out his candles (one at a time). We all enjoyed a slice of the cake. It turned out well: nice and moist and the chocolate was really good (although I did miss the peanut butter a little).

Then it was time for presents. My big present was the now finished helicopter shirt. Ian took care of the rest of the present buying, getting three Pokémon DVDs and Super Mario Party 5. Judy and Charlie gave him some wonderful t-shirts from their trip to South America. They also gave him an adorable coati mundi stuffed animal.

All in all, it was a great party. It was a nice family get-together.

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