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Comments for A Chance to See Egypt

A Chance to See EgyptA Chance to See Egypt: 10/31/06

The blurb from the New York Times on the back of book claims the story is "deeply moving and [a] stunning exploration of the mysterious ways in which faith and love can heal the human heart." I found it an overly earnest and schmaltzy book that left me wanting to read a Shakespearian tragedy just to balance things out.

Even the sad events in the story are treated with mirth. Everything is a life lesson. Everyone comes away from their own particular bad bit of luck (be it the death of a spouse or living in poverty) a stronger and happier person. Characters easily find love. Characters easily move on. No one has to struggle in this book. What is the point?

Here is my BookCrossing review:

A group of characters come together through a variety of circumstances to a little village in Mexico where they find happiness, new friendships and their muse. It's just so heartwarming that I'm gagging on its saccharine goodness.

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