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97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh: 02/28/07

97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh

The best part of 97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh is its introduction as it describes the joyful sound of a baby laughing and the lengths adults will go to cheer up a crying baby.

The book then goes on to outline 97 methods to make "Baby" laugh. Some of the suggestions are no brainers (like blowing bubbles through a straw into a beverage) and some might be cute if "Baby" is part of a large extended and nearby family. The bulk of them though are real handcraft that sound destructive, time consuming and to use marketing speak, have low ROI.

Unlike this fictional "Baby", infants aren't tyrants. They are actually easy to entertain assuming they aren't sick and have had their basics needs met (namely they are fed, dry, comfortable and well rested).

Here are some things that make Harriet laugh:

  • Sean saying "hello baby!" in a squeaky falsetto.
  • Anyone whistling a tune (or attempting to)
  • "Yes We Have No Bananas!"
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider song
  • Caligula cat
  • Riding around in the sling
  • Making silly faces (especially when making rude noises to go with the faces)
  • Playing airplane
  • Dancing with me in front of the mirror (a variation of this is included in the book)

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