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Gold Beach, OregonVacation: Part 9: Books and Chowda: 02/27/07

Over this 3-day weekend we took our first vacation as a family of four. I've been posting photo montages of each place we stopped on my livejournal site but I plan to post a more in depth description of what we did here, one stop per day.

To give ourselves time to explore things we had passed on our way northward, we set Gold Beach as our stopping point in Oregon. We would either find a restaurant or a grocery store to get lunch. We ended up finding something even better: Gold Beach Books and Café.

Sean, not interested in clam chowder opted for a bagel and muffin for lunch. It wasn't the healthiest of lunches but we were on vacation and since we don't normally allow him to eat like that we let have what he wanted. Harriet meanwhile had a jar of food.

After lunch we took a look around the store and used the money we saved on lunch to get some books. Sean got two books: Dinosaurs' Halloween and A Toad for Tuesday. Ian also got two: Coil and The Second Chronicle of Amber (both by Roger Zelazny). I didn't see anything that tickled so I held off from adding any books for myself to pile. Harriet also didn't get any books but she enjoyed looking at everything.

I just realized I've forgotten to write about our stop in the redwoods. Tomorrow I will write about what the elk we saw and the photographs that Sean took.

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