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Comments for Bringing Down the Moon

Bringing Down the MoonBringing Down the Moon: 02/25/07

At the February BookCrossing meeting, herebedragons gave Sean a bunch of her son's books. They are moving soon, first across the country and ultimately to Puerto Rico. To prepare for the move they are trying to lighten their load of books. Bringing Down the Moon is one of the books they gave us and it is adorable.

A little mole sees the moon in the sky and tries to get high enough to reach it. In his efforts to get the moon down he meets a number of other forest animals: a rabbit, a hedgehog, and a squirrel.

The story works through repetition of themes. The pay off comes with the mole first thinking he has reached the moon and then thinking he has broken the thing he so desired. By the end of the story the mole has expanded is horizons, learned about the moon and made new friends.

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