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Comments for Busy and Long Day

Castro ValleyBusy and Long Day: 02/15/07

It's been a long day for me. Last night was one of those times that for whatever reason I could not get to sleep. Ian wasn't snoring all that loud nor twitching any more than normal but all of it seemed more annoying than usual.

At two-thirty I gave up and came upstairs to sleep on the couch (something I can thankfully do now that I'm no longer having sciatica). I'm not sure when I got to sleep but I did eventually fall asleep only to be woken up at six by Sean and Harriet. As I felt like I hadn't gotten any sleep I left Ian to give Harriet a bottle and slunk downstairs for an hour and fifteen minutes more sleep. During this time I did actually sleep and dream (although my dream involved pulling an all-nighter).

I thankfully managed to keep it together for work. On a normal day I would have left Ian to pick up Sean and I would have taken a bath to unwind and perhaps catch a cat-nap before having to put Harriet to bed and before dinner. Today though, Ian needed to do some coding and I had an errand to run to Castro Valley.

A Pokémon Memory game had been offered on Freecycle and I was given the email to come pick it up today. As Sean has been so enjoying playing the Memory game Linda gave him and since he so enjoys Pokémon I knew he'd love this game. I had promised to pick it up after work. I took Harriet along for the ride into Castro Valley as she loves to go on "adventures" after work.

Before picking up Sean from school, I returned home to get Ian. He was also feeling tired so we decided to take Sean out to dinner. So we all headed to Dublin for dinner. Harriet happily sat in a highchair, Sean sat next to me (the first time since Harriet was born), and Ian had a seat to himself. We had a lovely time. We have great kids!

Although I am still sleepy, I feel refreshed.

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