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Comments for Vacation: Part 7: Crescent City

Crescent City, CAVacation: Part 7: Crescent City: 02/25/07

Over this 3-day weekend we took our first vacation as a family of four. I've been posting photo montages of each place we stopped on my livejournal site but I plan to post a more in depth description of what we did here, one stop per day.

Our last stop in California while heading north was at Crescent City to buy more baby food, ear plugs (I had forgotten mine at home) and camera batteries. The camera batteries died right after taking some shots from the scenic overlook of Crescent City from the 101.

Ian and Sean took most of the photographs at the Crescent City overlook while I had to take care of Harriet's needs (diaper change and lunch). Sean managed to get a lovely intimate photograph of Harriet when she and I finally were ready to see the sites at the outlook. In fact through out the trip Sean took some of the best photographs of Harriet and me. He has a good eye for photography, especially portraiture. I haven't had a chance et to post these photographs here but you can see some of them on my livejournal site.

Crescent City was one of the places I wanted to see because it is one of the few places on the California coast that has been hit by a tsunami. At the overlook there is a sign explaining about Crescent City's history with tsunamis. It was most recently hit in November after an earthquake in Japan.

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