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Comments for Five Months Old

Sarah, Sean and HarrietFive Months Old: 02/05/07

It's hard to believe but Harriet is now five months old. She's such a part of our lives now that it's also hard to believe that she hasn't always been here. She can also turn my brain to mush on those day when she just wants to cry (especially when she's both over tired and teething).

Her current goal in life seems to be learning how to sit unsupported. She figures if she can sit unsupported she can get better access to fascinating things like the cat, the couch (she likes the texture), books, and toys. When she's at her best she can manage to sit up for about ten minutes without help but as soon as she gets distracted she falls over.

Meanwhile she and Sean are fast becoming friends. Sean often compliments her with "I love you little baby" or through me with "I love your little baby, Mama."

Harriet loves routine (far more than Sean did at this age). Her day begins around seven when she is changed out of her night clothes and brought up stairs to nurse. Then she's put in her highchair while I'm doing my morning run of work. After my morning publish is complete and while Ian is making breakfast, Harriet eats rice cereal mixed with something (usually a fruit puree). She then finishes up breakfast with either a bottle or more nursing depending on my work schedule.

The rest of the day until four o'clock is pretty flexible and depends on the demands of work but sometime around noon Harriet will be back in her high chair eating a puree of something. Today for lunch she had a puree of last night's stew. Unlike her brother, she seems to like the taste of tomatoes.

Then at four it's time to leave the house for a walk or to run errands. By five thirty we're at Sean's school to pick him up. Then it's home for bath time. By six she's in her jammies and having one last breast feed before going to bed.

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