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Comments for Highchairs and Swings

Harriet and a spoonHighchairs and Swings: 02/11/07

Today we went to Bakers Square for breakfast and Harriet managed to sit in a highchair for the entire meal. She only wanted to be held at the very end when the meal was wrapping up. She happily spent her time feeding herself sesame bread stick crackers. It was so nice to have her out of the sling for a meal at a restaurant!

Later in the afternoon when Ian wanted to head out to do some studying, Sean, Harriet and I walked to the park. The rain that had been promised today never materialized but the lower half of the park was still swampy from yesterday's rain so we stuck to the little kid play area. Fortunately at four Sean's still young enough to comfortably play on the littler stuff.

While we were there I gave Harriet her first swing ride. Of course Sean wanted to swing too and I did manage to get him into the little kid swing. Briefly I was pushing both kids. Harriet smiled and giggled a little but swinging wasn't the big thrilling adventure for her as it was for Sean at this age.

Mostly while we were there Harriet wanted to watch Sean play. Sean had fun running along the edges of walls, jumping off things and throwing sticks into the big puddles. Some of the other kids were jumping into the puddles from the wall separating the two play areas but Sean agreed with me that the puddles would be both wet and cold and he didn't want to ruin his new shoes. He just watched the other kids jump into the puddles and get soaked from head to toe.

Just before we headed home Harriet started to get a little cranky so I tucked her into her sling with her head in and her feet out. She settled down and was quickly asleep.

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