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Comments for Rain and Colds Day 2

HarrietRain and Colds Day 2: 02/26/07

Sean is nearly over with his cold. He sometimes will have a runny nose attack but he's otherwise on the mend. Harriet meanwhile has been running a low grade fever on and off all day, is congested and sometimes coughing. She's therefore not sleeping well.

Sean's school is clearly the source of our kids' colds. Today when Ian took Sean to school only half the children showed up. The other half called in sick. Apparently on Friday was when the children first started acting coldy.

Outside it has been pouring all day. It had been sprinkling on and off since Saturday but this morning around two the heavens opened up and because of our location on the hillside it has been pouring. Most of the Bay Area has gotten around an inch of rain so far but we get help from orthographic effects and have gotten almost six inches of rain!

The weather combined with Harriet's cold have made me feel under the weather myself. I've had a sinus headache for most of the day and ended up sleeping a few hours upstairs on the couch until Ian and Harriet came upstairs at five for a bottle. Harriet returned at six so that Ian could sleep.

For most of today since six-thirty this morning Harriet has wanted to breast feed. She's dehydrated from the cold and the hot milk feels good against her throat. So I'm feeling like I've been turned inside out. She hasn't nursed this much since she was a new born.

I expect I'll be doing this for most of tonight as she woke up at nine (she usually sleeps through the night). Although she's back in bed I wouldn't be surprised if she wakes again.

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