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Comments for Valentine's Day

Sean and his stickersValentine's Day: 02/14/07

Today Sean's school held a Valentine's day party for the kids and they took a day off from "doing work" as the school calls its lessons. Sean happily summed up his day with: "Guess what!? I didn't learn anything today!" Instead they exchanged cards and had fun. It was Sean's first Valentine's day party.

Last year at the time Ian and I were stuck in our one and only prenatal class for Harriet. It was a breakfast time two hour meeting to fill out paperwork and to go over all the stuff we as second time parents (as was everyone present) already knew. I remember desperately wishing for a bathroom break and a chance to eat something. Aw the joys of being pregnant!

This year we didn't do anything special for the day except to have a slice of pie a la mode and a cup of coffee at Bakers Square before picking up Sean from school. We took along Harriet (of course) and she happily noshed on bread stick crackers from her high chair.

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