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Comments for Winter Rains

Harriet and a spoonWinter Rains: 02/12/07

Today has been one of weird events. It started just after breakfast with the power going on and off in tight succession twice and then finally staying off. Ian and Sean later passed an ambulance by Val's around the block from us and a PG&E truck trying to get through traffic to fix whatever had caused the outage.

Without power I can't stay connected to my client's site for very long due to the battery life of my laptop, nor can I connect any faster than 56k as I can't use the DSL connection. On days like this I have to phone work to warn my boss that he might have to take over for me if the power fails to come on before my battery fails. Fortunately today the outage only lasted about 45 minutes.

The other big event today was the weather. As Sean was leaving for school I tossed him his sweatshirt saying: "It won't rain until tonight but it will be cold." Boy was I wrong! It started to rain around lunchtime and by five o'clock we had some thunder and the rain was now sheeting.

On our way to pick up Sean we grabbed his rain jacket to give to him at school. He would have been soaked through his sweatshirt even with its hood. Harriet and I stayed in the car while Ian ran to get Sean.

The drive to school was scary. Some of the the streets on the border between Hayward, Fairview and Castro Valley were flooding in all the run off. It was probably due to poorly maintained storm drains or leaves in the gutter.

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