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Comments for Left-Hander's Handbook

Left-Hander's HandbookLeft-Hander's Handbook: 06/04/07

The Left-Hander's Handbook contains four previous published humorous looks at what it means to be left-handed. These books are: The Left-Handed Book (1966), The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander (1979), The World's Greatest Left-Handers (1985) and Left-Handed Kids (1989).

The book has its humorous moments but there's a lot of repetition and the book's main shtick is how hard it is to be left-handed in a right-handed world. Having been left-handed all my life, it just isn't that hard. I don't feel prejudiced against. I don't find it hard to learn how to use new tools in a way that won't injure me.

On a side note, left-handedness has been an issue with the recent Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Link in all the previous games has been left-handed but now that the wiimote requires both hands to play the game and it's really easier to play with a right-handed configuration, Nintendo has mirrored all of the animation so that Link in the Wii version is now right-handed. Apparently the man who designed the games is left-handed and Nintendo wanted his okay before making this change.

People who know me and know I'm a fan of the game, have asked me how I feel about the change. My reaction: Link is left-handed? Yup, I'd never noticed. I figure for the Wii version, Link is just showing the world that's ambidextrous.

So back to the book, it's a quick read. You'll get a few laughs out of it but if you're a right-hander looking for insight into the mind of the left-hander, you won't find it here. We just like so many other minorities really aren't that different.

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Comment #1: Thursday, June, 7, 2007 at 00:59:03

Thomma Lyn

"Hee, I like this post! I'm left-handed, too, and I've never thought it was so terribly hard to be a lefty in a righty world. I am, to a large degree, ambidextrous, though, which comes in handy in so many ways (pun indended? arrrgh! ;) ). "

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