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Comments for Living Lean

Leaving LeanLiving Lean: 06/18/07

I did my initial pass of the book while we were staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Castro Valley thinking that our road would be repaved the next morning. When we heard that the weather had turned too cold and wet to do the paving we rushed home and in the process, I accidentally wild released Living Lean before I had a chance to reread it in greater detail. This review then will be initial impressions only.

The premise of Living Lean is that eating small meals (5 for women and 6 for me) that are low fat, high fiber and protein will boost one's metabolism to make weight loss easier. Oddly enough the suggested eating schedule (and many of the recipes) are identical to what pregnant and nursing women are told to eat. Perhaps the book should be retitled Eating Like You're Pregnant.

The main foods touted in the book are chicken breasts, eggs and whole grain bread. Readers are also told to avoid box cereal in the morning and to avoid ice cream for dessert. Frankly most of the book's eating routine I'm already doing and not because of this book. I'm doing it from the suggestion of two different nutritionists through my health plan.

The problems I had with the book were the assumptions made by the author. I don't eat for comfort. I don't starve myself to get thin (because I know it doesn't work). I don't snack throughout the day. Frankly if I ate as many eggs as this book suggests, I'd puke.

Living Lean is one of many books and other "products" in the Larry North system. While the book's advice seemed to be fairly level-headed, it's still just a money making device.

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Comment #1: Sunday, June, 10, 2007 at 16:50:55


I've heard of this and thought of reading it. It sounds very funny."