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Comments for Peter's Chair

Peter's ChairPeter's Chair: 06/27/07

I had planned to blog about how Peter's Chair was my introduction to the works of Ezra Jack Keats but I now realize that Sean and I have also read Hi Cat!

I got Peter's Chair for Sean because it is about Peter coming to terms with being a big brother to a baby sister. I like Keats's bold illustrative style. I also like how Peter learns important lessons about growing up and sharing.

I have a small quibble though with Peter's parents. I completely understand their desire to reuse Peter's baby furniture for his sister. We did the same thing with Sean's stuff for Harriet. The parents though don't seem to have taken into account Peter's feelings. They just take away his old stuff and repaint it pink (ewww!) for his sister. They could have saved Peter a great deal of heartache if they had warned him ahead of time that his sister would need the furniture and that they wanted to repaint it to make it hers.

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