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Comments for The Chatham School Affair

The Chatham School AffairThe Chatham School Affair: 07/16/07

Henry Griswald narrates the events that make up The Chatham School Affair, beginning with the arrival of Miss Elizabeth Channing, hired as a favor to a family friend to be the new art teacher at the all boys' school. The way Henry's tale unfolds reminds me of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca or perhaps My Cousin Rachel.

Something horrible happened that intimately involved young Henry, Miss Channing and lead to her death and the closure of the school. Over the course of the book through flashbacks, court transcripts and conversations with townsfolk who remember the events but wish they didn't, Cook builds a suspenseful story in a wonderfully gothic setting.

The first couple chapters are so densely packed with important information that I had to reread them a couple of times before I felt comfortable moving on to the rest of the novel. Starting with chapter three, the novel picks up pace and I found myself making time to read the book to finish it as quickly as I could.

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Comment #1: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 at 12:16:19

Susan Helene Gottfried

"I KNEW there was a chance I'd be passing on a gem of a book, especially given the person who said she'd read and loved it.


Hey, why not come on over to my place and enter the permalink to this review in my Summer's Hidden Treasures contest? Lots of goodies to be won..."

Comment #2: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 at 14:30:39


This sounds interesting.

I may give it a try.


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