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Comments for Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home!

Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home!Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! 07/01/07

Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home is one of a series of children's books featuring the adventures of Lars the polar bear. Lars even has his own series of cartoons in Germany. I came across this 1996 printing at the Dublin library shelf in Starbuck's last month.

When I first saw the book I immediately (and mistakenly) thought Alaska for the setting and thought perhaps the tiger on the cover was escaped from a zoo or a circus. He's neither; he's a wild tiger from presumably India who has accidentally hitched a ride on a freight train to the arctic circle.

Lars, who is looking for a snack and a bit of adventure, finds the tiger at the end of the line and in the course of trying to help the tiger find his way home ends up on the return trip of the train. From there in typical children's book fashion, the two animals must enlist the aid of other animals as they travel through far and distant lands on their search for the tiger's home.

So far I've read it to Harriet but not Sean. She likes the pictures (ooh striped kitty!). I think Sean will like the story and will have lots of questions about their adventures.

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