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Comments for Skye Cameron

Sky CameronSkye Cameron: 07/27/07

I read Skye Cameron as a bonus volume for the Southern Reading Challenge. Since it takes place in New Orleans in the post-Civil War reconstruction era, the book certainly qualifies for the challenge. It and Wish You Were Here are tied for two of my least favorite reads for the challenge.

Skye Cameron is a yank, and specifically a New Englander of a liberal father and an ex-southern belle who has somehow found happiness in a life style completely different than what she was used to. Skye takes after her father in her liberal ideas and her red hair. She is a disappointment to her mother and the apple of her father's eye.

Unfortunately for Skye (and for the reader) the book takes a disappointing turn when the father falls and breaks his back, ending up paralyzed and unable to care for the family. For a character set up as loving her home state and being self sufficient, Skye does the unthinkable and suggests to her family that they move back to New Orleans to live with her mother's family.

Thus begins nearly two hundred pages of Skye's struggle against the patriarchy of southern gentile society. Although she supposedly rebels throughout the book she is merely choosing one male master for another and slowly but surely coming to accept this horrible way of life as both normal and preferable to her life in New England.

All I have to say to the premise and to Skye's "growth" from a girl to a woman is: bletch!

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Comment #1: Sunday, July, 29, 2007 at 09:10:39

Gabriella Hewitt

This was written by Phyllis Whitney? When? I remember reading her in high school, if it's the same author.

Doesn't sound like this book stands out for a Southern read. I think it's a tricky period to write about well. I recently had an article I wrote on the Civil War published in Learning Through History Magazine. I really enjoyed the research, but it's not a period I think I'd want to tackle fictionwise.

By the way, love your blog. I'm going to have to remember to stop back regularly and check out your reviews. (I'm partial to mysteries, romantic suspense and suspense thrillers. ;-) ) "

Comment #2: Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 09:32:38


Thank for the compliments about my blog! You can alsways subscribe to the RSS feed. I'm smiling at the requests for reviews on certain genres too. Have any titles in mind? :P

Re Phyllis A. Whitney. Yes, it's the same author. She wrote the book in 1957, so it's one of her earliest ones. She even has a website. She'll turn 104 in September! Given that the book is an early one and she went on to have an 80+ year career as a writer, I'll give her another try. I have two more of her books to read. "

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