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Comments for Marmalade's Yellow Leaf

Marmalade Yellow LeafMarmalade's Yellow Leaf: 07/09/07

Marmalade's Yellow Leaf is one of two books featuring Marmalade the cat that I bought when Sean was Harriet's age. My parents have a cat named Marmalade and I just had to have these two books. Sean's not very into cats so we didn't read it much together. Harriet, however, adores cats and this book, so it's now back in the bedtime story book pile.

The story takes place on a windy afternoon while Marmalade's owners outside raking the yard of fallen leaves on an autumn day. Marmalade, in true cat fashion, is captivated by a single yellow leaf. Nothing can take her mind off the leaf, not even a woolly caterpillar!

The book is short (good for a bedtime story) with delightful illustrations that capture perfectly a cat a play. Unfortunately the book is no longer in print but used copies are available online.

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Comment #1: Tuesday, July, 10, 2007 at 13:11:15


I need a copy when we have a little one! "

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