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Black's Beach Shuffle: 08/12/07

Black's Beach Shuffle

Back in May when I read Breeni's review of Black's Beach Shuffle, I knew it was a book I would love. Before I had a chance to buy a copy for myself, she RABCKed me her copy. Now having read (and loved!) the book, I will buying a second copy for my best friend for her birthday and possibly one for my personal collection. Breeni's copy is now on its way to Australia to another BookCrosser.

Black's Beach Shuffle is the great San Diegan novel. The title itself tells anyone who's been to San Diego (or grown up there, like I did) what to expect. Black's Beach is as the author puts it "a clothing optional" beach and that's putting it politely. Looking at the cover art with all the computers one can guess that the high tech sector of the "Golden Triangle" and the industrial parks behind UCSD (also near Black's Beach) will play a part in the book. In a nutshell, Black's Beach Shuffle is a mystery involving a post dot-com bubble start-up being investigated by a P. I. who is also in a band.

The description of was so much like some actually sketchy dot-com's I've worked for that I figured out their part of the mystery but there was still enough left to keep me guessing and reading.

The best part though are the descriptions of San Diego. The locations are correct, the culture is there (including the love/hate relationship with the Padres). Rolly, the protagonist, lives within spitting distance of my best friend. This 180 page mystery was a quick trip home and I stayed up past my bed time to finish it. Black's Beach Shuffle is one of the most entertaining books I've read so far this year.

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Comment #1: Sunday, August, 12, 2007 at 19:20:53


Glad you liked it!"

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