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Comments for Hello Kitty

Hello KittyHello Kitty: 08/12/07

Today while reading my LiveJournal friends page, Sean saw that one of my friends was using a Hello Kitty icon. He was instantly smitten with Hello Kitty and we spent the next hour or so at the Sanrio website.

The site has some cute flash things to play with. There's a place to make printable artwork. Sean and I made and printed art from all six choices and if there had been more we would have done them too. Sean and Ian later wrote a story to go with the illustrations which we'll bind together later to make into a story book.

There is also a place to do jigsaw puzzles. First I had to do all of them and then Sean had to do all of them. Again, if there had been more than ten puzzles, we would have done more. He was completely sucked in.

While we didn't buy anything from the site, I know there are a couple of Sanrio stores in our local malls. I'm sure we'll be heading over to one of them sometime in the future, especially with his birthday coming up and / or the holidays.


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Comment #1: Monday, August, 13, 2007 at 08:05:07


Now you're speaking my language! ;)"

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