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Comments for the Outsider

The OutsiderThe Outsider: 08/19/07

Don't let the cover art of this reprint fool you. The Outsider was a year or so before it became the Roswell TV series. So while the cover has the actors, the way the characters are described in the book is very different. But for fans of the show, there are enough similarities to make for a quick and entertaining read.

The Outsider introduces the characters, the town or Roswell and the premise of teenage aliens living among us much in the way that the pilot did for the series. Max is forced to reveal his powers to save the girl he's had a secret crush on for ages. She in turn must decide whether or not to protect his secret.

Liz's acceptance of Max takes longer in The Outsider than I remember it taking in the pilot. Her reasons for distrusting him posted some interesting ethical questions. Powers that can heal can also kill and Liz must decide whether she can trust Max.

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