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Comments for Mr. Pingle and Mr. Buttonhouse

Mr. Pingle and Mr. ButtonhouseMr. Pingle and Mr. Buttonhouse: 08/07/07

I was immediately taken by Paul Galdone's line drawing of Mr. Pingle and Mr. Buttonhouse on the cover and had to take the book home. The book is a thirty-two page exploration of long distance friendships. Pingle lives in a red house and Buttonhouse in a lemon colored one. They are 22 1/2 miles apart in a time and place where the only transportation options are the train or the river.

Pingle and Buttonhouse both decide to give the other a surprise visit. Pingle goes by train and Buttonhouse goes by boat. Both have misadventures on their journeys but it works out in the end thanks to the bonds of friendship.

I really like this book. I love Galdone's illustrations and MacGregor's simple story. This book is a keeper.

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