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Comments for Rowing to Latitude

Rowing to LatitudeRowing to Latitude: 08/20/07

Some of the best books I've ever read have just fallen into my lap. Rowing to Latitude is one of those books. It was part of a book box of library rescues I took from another Bookcrosser last year. After sitting on my shelf for a year, I finally read it for the Armchair Traveler Challenge.

Rowing to Latitude chronicles a number of kayaking trips that Jill Fredston took with her husband, Doug. When they aren't kayaking, Jill and Doug work as avalanche experts in Alaska. Most of the the trips described are along the Alaska coast or along rivers that end in the Arctic Circle. The final chapters of the book cover their trips around Greenland.

I enjoyed the Alaska and Canada trips the most as they describe areas I am familiar with either through direct experience or through reading and correspondence with friends.

Fredston writes vividly, involving all the senses. Full color photographs included in the middle of the book verifies just how well she writes.

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