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When the Wind Blows: 08/14/07

When the Wind Blows

I picked up a copy of When the Wind Blows at one of the recent BookCrossing meetings. I haven't read any of Patterson's books but the book came recommended. I think for now it will be my last of this author's books for now.

The book was easy enough read with short chapters and an easy to follow plot but the premise was too ridiculous and the characters were less well drawn than the average superhero cartoon. Max in how she was described reminded me of Tara from Teen Titans (the animated version, not the comic) with all the same faults: amazing power, abysmal self esteem.

There are no surprises in this book except perhaps that Max can lay eggs (but um, eew!) The rest of the plot plods along for 400 pages or so with with a predictable and unsatisfying end.

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Comment #1: Thursday, August, 16, 2007 at 00:21:55


I could never get past the first 50 or so pages of Patterson. Just not my speed I suppose. (following Nancy Pearl's "Rule of 50")

We feel it is necessary to point out, though, that although there are a few anomalies, cats can't do agility."

Comment #2: Thursday, August, 16, 2007 at 23:47:47


I gotta disagree with you here. I love this book, in fact it's one of my favs of James Patterson. But to each her own. :)"

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