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Comments for Book Traffic Control 2003

BookBook Traffic Control 2003: 09/09/07

I finally have an entire year of data put into my BTC database. My first year is a fairly accurate look at my BookCrossing activity because it was a year where I was only registered books I intended to release. Since our move in 2004, I have been registering all books including ones meant for our private collection (text books and such).

In my first year of active BookCrossing I took in almost two books for every one book I released. At the end of the year I ended up with a surplus of 291 books!

The easiest way to end up with a surplus are the relays. A book is offered by another member and accepted by a new member by making a new offer. That new offer can be for a "to be read" book which means the chance of receiving more books than one is able to read in the same period of time.

Although I still have a backlog of relay offers, I have learned better on how to pace myself. I currently have a backlog of 20 books, down from my highest backlog of 75 in 2005. Most of my current relay offers are books I am already planning to read for one or more blog sponsored reading challenges.

The numbers for October and November reflect my acquisition of four crates of hardbacks I got via Craigslist from a man who was moving and couldn't take his books with him. I am still reading and releasing through this pile of books and have been enjoying the process.

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