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Comments for Harris Ranch

Harris Ranch rest stop, photograph by Sean SammisHarris Ranch: 09/07/07

When driving to Los Angeles from East Bay, Harris Ranch is the natural halfway point, coming at about 3 1/2 hours into a 7 hour drive. The Harris Ranch Inn for ages was the only place to stop for food, gas and whatnot but within my lifetime and especially since our move in 1999, many places have sprung up on both sides of the freeway.

Just outside of the turn-off for Harris Ranch and Coalinga (route 198), there are a pair of rest stops. With stopping for breakfast at Ingram Creek we rarely need to stop at Harris Ranch on the way south for lunch but it is still a well needed stopping point for bathroom breaks and drinks.

On our most recent trip I was feeling parched by Harris Ranch and I pulled us into the rest stop to grab some water from the trunk. Harriet doesn't like drinking water but I had some milk left from breakfast. While I fed Harriet, Sean took photographs. Once Harriet was finished we drank our water and then hit the bathrooms. Unfortunately we got there between cleanings and the bathrooms left us feeling grungy.

Thankfully just down the road from the Harris Ranch stops, a new gas station is in the process of opening up on Jayne Avenue. Clearly it has been designed to take a large portion of the traffic that's gumming up the streets around Harris Ranch. Right now though, it was the perfect place to wash up and get snacks without fighting traffic and crowds.

We also were able to get some juice for Harriet so she could have more than just her bottle. She doesn't handle the heat well and on hot days will easily drink two or three times her normal amount of fluids.


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Comment #1: Saturday, September, 8, 2007 at 17:27:22

Linda R. Moore

If you ever have time, go down 198 towards Coalinga to see the iron zoo. Some of the oil pumps have been painted up as animals. They're rather neat. :)

(There's also a snarf on the way back, near the I-5 on-ramp.)"