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Comments for Mouse Soup

Mouse SoupMouse Soup: 09/27/07

Along with the Commander Toad books, we borrowed Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel from the library. We are fans of Arnold Lobel's offbeat stories and cute illustrations.

Mouse Soup is a sequel to Mouse Tales (1978). A little mouse who is captured by a weasel to be cooked into soup. To save his life, the mouse (like Shahrazad) tells four stories to teach the weasel how to make the perfect mouse soup.

These four stories are the bulk of the book. They are: "Bees and Mud", "Two Large Stones", "The Crickets" and "The Thorn Bush." Each story has the classic surreal humor of Lobel at his best. Bees try to make their home on a mouse's head, two rocks wonder what things lie beyond the mountain, a group of crickets serenade an unwilling audience and a woman grows a rose bush in her chair.

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