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Comments for Olives

OlivesOlives: 09/28/07

I'm not much of a drinker but I love using alcoholic drinks in my artwork. Back in 2001 I created Martini completely out of Bryce primitives. It still remains one of my favorite models all these years later. If you are a Bryce user, you can download a copy to use in your pieces.

As part of that original Martini, I created a green olive. The olive is probably the weakest bit of that original modeling, especially the textures. They're too flat and don't glisten the way an actual olive does. Olives, especially ones used in cocktails, are wet. Wet things reflect light but not in such a uniform way as metallic items do.

So when I saw Delilah Smith's lovely painting "Olives on the Loose" I was immediately inspired to bring out my olive model and update it. I wanted to see if I could develop materials that would survive scrutiny in my larger and more photorealistic pieces.

The result is "Olives" and I'm rather pleased with it. The specularity and reflections aren't still quite right but I think they look enough like olives to not be mistaken for metallic Christmas ornaments.

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