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Comments for Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seedsSunflower Seeds: 09/18/07

At the start of summer, I discovered a stray sunflower that Sean must have planted. When the plum tree was laced, the sunflower thrived under the added sunshine. Now that it's September and the sunflower has lived its life, we harvested the seeds. It's the first year that one of Sean's sunflowers has grown big enough to produce seeds.

The sunflower ended up growing slightly taller than I am. My guess is the flower grew to be about five and half feet tall. It sure made a lovely addition to our patio garden this summer.

We plan to eat most of the seeds but Sean wants to save a couple seeds to plant next spring. Stay tuned to see if we get a flower from these seeds!

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Comment #1: Friday, September, 21, 2007 at 18:28:29


I've always had sunflowers wherever I've lived, and I'm positive you'll get more flowers from those seeds. I've had a birdfeeder taken over by a forest of sunflowers just because of the stray seeds the birds let fall out of the feeder. Unfortunately, we live on the edge of a canyon now, and I have yet to have one sunflower grow, though I plant dozens of seeds every spring, because the deer love the sprouts, and eat them as soon as they come out of the soil. "