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Comments for Alice, the Cat Who Was Hounded

Alice, the Cat Who Was HoundedAlice, the Cat Who Was Hounded: 10/12/07

From before Harriet was born, she has been fascinated by cats. So when I look for books for her, I look for books about cats. Alice, the Cat Who Was Hounded was a very lucky find on the library discard shelf.

Alice is a photographic picture book which uses humorous text and typographical treatments to tell the story of a fussy house cat who is forced to make friends with an eager puppy named Ralph.

The book is by far Harriet's favorite. It has a cat. It has a dog. It is a funny story and it is short. I have honestly lost track of how many times she and I have read Alice the Cat Who Was Hounded together. It must be close to a hundred times. Some days we read it a dozen or so times.

Alice the Cat Who Was Hounded is currently out of print but a quick online search brings up a few copies for sale. If you have a young child who likes cats, this may be one to add to your list of books to get.

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Comment #1: Sunday, October, 14, 2007 at 23:24:26


What a cute title. Sounds like one my grandkids would enjoy."