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Comments for Bleach 2

Bleach 2Bleach 2: 10/02/07

I had a difficult time reading Bleach 2 (Goodbye Parakeet, Goodnight My Sister) because Harriet has become completely fascinated with the artwork. Any time I tried to read this manga in her presence she would find a way to snatch it out of my hand to "read" it herself.

Bleach 2 brings in more characters into the mix. First is Chad, the big smart "thug" of the school who has a huge heart and spirit power of his own. He befriends a cursed parakeet because he's the only one strong enough to survive all the bad luck that follows owning the bird. Of course the bad luck turns out to be a hollow but Chad holds his own.

The second half brings Ichigo and Rukia closer together as partners. What should be an "easy" way for Ichigo to control how and when he leaves his body ends up leading to a funny and embarrassing day of mistaken identity.

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