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Comments for Bleach 3: Memories in the Rain

Bleach 3Bleach 3: Memories in the Rain: 10/15/07

Although Bleach 3 has the delightfully random Orihime on the cover, this volume is all about the Strawberry (Ichigo). The day is June 17th, the day that Ichigo's mother died and the day he stopped smiling.

In this volume, Ichigo finally grows as a character. His motivations, emotions and abilities start to make sense. His deep-seeded stubbornness is also explained.

Through a combination of flashbacks and a very long winded fight scene between Ichigo and a hollow, we learn how Ichigo's mother died and how her death has affected the entire family. An interesting side note is the father's reaction to Ichigo's emotional outburst at the end of the book. It was after that scene that I finally began to like Ichigo's father.

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