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Comments for The Color Purple

The Color PurpleThe Color Purple: 10/25/07

The Color Purple is one of those books I've been avoiding reading since it was first published (even though it earned the Pulitzer in 1983). I remember all the controversy surrounding it. As I was ten at the time, I felt the book wasn't for me. Although more than twenty years has passed, the negative feelings had remained. Through BookCrossing, I ended up with three copies of the book. I figured that the book muses were trying to tell me something and I decided to finally read it for the "Unread Authors Challenge."

Celie's vernacular takes some getting used to. It is an epistletory novel in the letters between sisters Celie and Nettie. Celie recounts years of abuse and an unhappy marriage. Walker spares nothing, beginning with the first time Celie is raped by her father and goes on from there in very frank but not crude language.

Were The Color Purple just Celie's roughly written diary (in the form of letters to God), it would have been a run of the mill coming of age story. Nettie though brings hope and the chance of escape for Celie. Celie's language and self esteem both improve with each letter to and from Nettie.

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Comment #1: Saturday, October, 27, 2007 at 01:51:47


I read this book recently too, mostly whilst waiting in a hospital waiting room to see a doctor who told me what I already knew and could do nothing to help! LOL"

Comment #2: Saturday, October, 27, 2007 at 17:46:41


Don't cha just hate it when a book decides to get THAT pushy?


Comment #3: Thursday, November, 1, 2007 at 17:15:45


This is on my TBR list for the 888 challenge."