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Comments for Hide and Ghost Seek

Hide and Ghost SeekHide and Ghost Seek: 10/04/07

Hide and Ghost Seek is one of Sean's current favorite books. We got it through BookCrossing originally to share with Sean's school but the book seems to be a permanent fixture in Sean's "current read" pile.

Each page of the book is whimsically drawn with a halloween themed scene. There are ghosts who are hidden in each drawing from 1 through 15 and then 20. The ghosts are cleverly hidden but still easy enough to find making it fun for both of us to read together.

I love the book for the cute drawings. Each set is intricately drawn and filled with the sorts of things one would expect from a Halloween themed world. And yet each scene looks lived in. There is a school, a laundromat, a movie theater, a beach, a drive in and many other interesting places. Fans of books like the I Spy series will enjoy Hide and Ghost Seek.

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Comment #1: Saturday, October, 6, 2007 at 14:02:37


That looks cute, I just recently posted about my daughter's 5 favourite books, one of which is for Halloween."

Comment #2: Monday, October, 8, 2007 at 11:16:46


Hide and Ghost Seek is a popular book at my house also. "