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The KeyThe Key: 10/31/07

The Key is the sequel to The Attractor Factor and is a companion to the book and film The Secret. To be honest, I haven't read The Attractor Factor or The Secret, nor have I seen the film. After having read The Key I have no desire to read the other books or see the film.

For the most part The Key is a fairly vanilla sales pitch like most self help books. It's really no different than the sales pitch fictional Prof. Henry Hill gives the parents and children in The Music Man. The idea is that positive thoughts create positive results. Of course it works best if one acts on those positive thoughts. The corollary to this is: negative thoughts block the good things from happening.

That's really all there is to this 206 page book. There are also numerous web addresses and pitches for the other books and products. I guess the key to The Key is to get readers to buy more books so the author can attract more cars and more appearances on shows like Oprah.


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