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The StormThe Storm: 10/09/07

Every BookCrossing meeting I go to I like to look for books either for my children or for my son's school. Last year his school went from being a day care with a Montessori approach to being a proper Montessori preschool school and kindergarten. Being such a new school the library is very short of books.

Among last month's library discards that I then donated on to my son's school was The Storm by Sarah Zimmerman. I can't provide an Amazon link as the book was a self published book by another local Montessori, Fountainhead school.

The Storm is a beautifully illustrated story about local animals who prepare for an oncoming storm. The illustrations are gorgeous pen and ink line drawings full of depth and realism. As it is a montessori book it includes pointers to teachers to use it in a lesson plan.

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