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Comments for Turtle's Flying Lesson

Turtle's Flying LessonTurtle's Flying Lesson: 10/23/07

Turtle's Flying Lesson is another of the many children's books I picked up at one of the recent BookCrossing meetings. Sean and I have completely opposite thoughts on this book.

Sean likes the book because it is about a turtle and he is trying to do something very silly for a turtle. Turtle is trying to learn how to fly. He has a pair of birds who are doing everything they can to teach this turtle how to fly. Ultimately, of course, they fail.

I dislike the book for the arrogant attitude of the birds. As far as they are concerned, they can only be friends with the turtle if he can act exactly like them. He is criticized for what and how he eats. He is criticized for not being able to fly.

Since the book is Sean's, we are keeping the book. We can't agree on everything and I want to encourage my children to make their own decisions about what they enjoy to read.

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