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Comments for The Boy Who Wanted to be a Fish

Who Goes There?Who Goes There? 10/25/07

Who Goes There? has some of the most beautiful and realistic illustrations I've ever seen in a children's book. It was these pen and ink drawings of animals in the snow that grabbed my attention when I saw it sitting on the library discard shelf.

The book was written and illustrated by Dorothy P. Lathrop in 1935 and remained in print until the 1960s. Lathrop was a Caldecott winner and a lover of animals. Her close study of animals shows in the realism and charm of her drawings in Who Goes There?

Once again, though, my children and I disagree on a book. Right now the book is too heavy on text and light on illustrations for either child. I think as Sean becomes a stronger reader, he'll enjoy this book. The first six pages are heavy with text as Lathrop sets the story and introduces the characters.

It isn't until the snow stops falling that the animals come out to join in the winter picnic with the children. For each new animal there is a new full page illustration. These drawings are beautiful enough for framing. Sometimes I just flip through Who Goes There? to admire the drawings.

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