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Comments for Litany

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionLitany: 06/10/08

The June issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction ends with the cover story, "Litany" by Rand B. Lee. The story is a mixture of mythologies and competing forces, all which come to a head in La Llorona, New Mexico. A mysterious gray eyed man who calls himself Rafael Anderssen has come to La Llorona on a persona quest but what he finds at the end isn't what he thought he was looking for.

I loved the story for its odd mixture of Mexican, native American and Judeo-Christian themes. The residents of La Llorona take all the weird things in stride, though some are more aware of the mystical things happening than others. Being named for the Weeping Woman gives the town enough mystery to make it a character in its own right. If you're not familiar with the legend, I recommend Spooky California which has a chapter devoted to it.

Other characters of note are Roberta, the realtor, her nephew David and the three-legged dog. They all have their parts to play in Anderssen's search even if they don't know it.

But ultimately the story is about Rafael Anderssen and his search. He has a long history reminiscent of Lucia Bastardo (Immortal) but he seems less angry at the world.

Read the interview at the magazine's blog.

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